CRTR is committed to following responsible recycling practices and t

RT Recycling is an electronics recycling company that is in the business of recycling all types of e-waste including CRT’s (computer monitors and televisions), desktop computer, laptops, computer parts and accessories and other consumer electronics CRTR is also a recycler of other materials, such as Freon and non-Freon bearing appliances/white goods. 

We are Massachusetts Class A Permitted Universal Recycling Facility that properly disposes of items that can no longer be accepted by Massachusetts landfills as of April 1, 2000. CRTR carries $6,000,000 in General Liability and Environmental / Pollution insurance.

We service hundred of municipalities, schools and businesses across New England. By either reusing or reselling electronics, we can reduce the amount of e-waste that actually reaches the State contractor for disposal. We run several collection days to benefit non-profit organizations financially and dispose of e-waste for FREE for hundred of New England schools.

The large amounts of toxic materials contained within a monitor's cathode ray tube or CRT present a very serious problem for those seeking an environmentally conscious alternative to landfill disposal.

Lead and phosphorous are just a few of the many toxic elements found within a CRT. Lead is the most prevalent toxic material and many CRTs have been shown to leach this lead content into landfills.

Currently, we handle the end-of-life of CRT's by first attempting to repair or resell the complete unit on the secondary market throughout the world.

 CRT Recycling Inc. is the largest class A recycler of cathode ray tubes and electronics in Massachusetts. Our main goal is to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills by recycling and/or reselling marketable items. This process allows us to offer you a very low cost on your disposal service.

Generally, we are able to recycle approximately 98.5% of the material that we accept. Material received daily ranges anywhere from a few thousand pounds to as much as 175 tons in one day. Although CRT’s and CRT related materials are the primary materials recycled, we also have federally certified technicians to recycle freon related products such as refrigerators, air conditioners.

Our Class A recycling permits us to accept these items for recycling and/or disposal. We remove the cathode ray tube (CRT) and send glass off for glass-to-glass recycling. Metals and plastics are also separated and sent off for proper recycling.

We take in all CPU’s, printers, scanners, mice and misc. electronic scrap for FREE*! (* There may be a charge for any electronic items that contain a CRT)

Some of these items can be refurbished and/or resold. This helps to reduce the cost of your CRT disposal and helps the environment at the same time!
                                                                                                                                                                                    We currently service over 100 municipalities across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut by placing CRT housing containers at their transfer station or landfills. These containers are emptied by CRT Recycling Inc. on a “call when needed” basis and pricing is negotiable. We also offer municipalities monthly collection days and house-to-house curbside collection pick-ups that are not only inexpensive, but COULD BENEFIT YOU FINANCIALLY. We offer discounted rates for schools.  Clean out the clutter in your building at a VERY LOW COST!  We can also provide a certificate of materials recycled as proof of proper disposal.

To get to the glass, monitors and televisions must be completely disassembled. The individual components listing includes plastic, printed circuit boards, copper wiring, power and flyback components and of course, the CRT tube itself.